As a church we are committed to the power of prayer. We meet every Monday evening from 7.30pm at the church premises, as well as to pray on Sunday mornings at church just before the service starts.

Meetings are open to everyone. We pray for everything from members of our church and their families, for our city, nation, missions, other countries, other churches, community leaders, heads of governments, the sick, etc.

We hold a quarterly 7-day prayer and fast event in the second month of each quarter. Each day of that week we either meet to pray at church or online via Skype (  We conclude the second fasting session of the year with a Saturday prayer retreat where the whole church comes to a great venue on the edge of the city to pray. It is always a refreshing experience for all.

We also pray for members and friends of our church family via a prayer buddy scheme. Every fortnight, a different list of names of church members and friends of the church to pray for is sent to those involved.

We also have a dedicated prayer line (07778 524852) where you can text your prayer request(s) and, once received, we will begin to pray with/for you. Alternatively, use the form on this page—emails are received by the church administrator and passed, in the strictest confidence, to the prayer team.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our prayer meetings or events.

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